November 10, 2022!

Dear Patients,
After over 15 years serving the community as South Denver Spine, P.C. and after 20+ years of practice in the South Denver area, it is with mixed emotions that I mush disclose to you that I will be closing my South Denver Spine practice to pursue a new opportunity. I truely value the relationship I have with my many patients and have enjoyed seeing the majority of you improve with or without surgery. I will be moving my practice out of the state and will be completing my career with Capital Orthopedics in Des Moines, Iowa.
I feel privileged that you have entrusted me with your care over the years and personally wish you the best. For those of you hat have the desire and opportunity to continue to be cared for by me, my phone number at Capital Orthopedics is 515-440-2676. For most, I am well aware that Des Moines is too far to travel for spinal care when there are other capable providers in the Denver Market. My personal recommendations for continued care include Scott Stanley, MD of Centura Orthopedics and Spine (303-925-4750) and Bradley Duhon, MD, Michael Rauzzino, MD, and Kevin Boyer, MD of Front Range Neurosurgery and Spine (303-790-1800). All of the above providers have been notified and are willing to accept my prior patients.
I will be leaving the Denver area on December 30th, 2022, for my new opportunity. I would encourage all of you, especially thoses who have had surgery within the past six months, to schedule an appointment before my departure. I care about all my patients and would like to have every opportunity to ensure you are doing well before I leave.
While I am certainly excited for my new opportunity, I have built a strong relationship with you and certainly do not wish you to feel abandoned. I am confient in the care of the above providers. Once I leave, your medical records will be held by CARIEND and will be easily retrievable with the enclosed requisition frm after January 10, 2023.
Thank you for your opportunity to take care of your. I am truly blessed.

Zak Ibrahim, MD
South Denver Spine, P.C.

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